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 We write using the IPSS content framework under these classifications


Gather existing content and information from relevant sources and refine them to match the requirement. Aggregated content which is refined and disseminated in a methodical way. Intelligent way to churn good stuff in less time and have increased social presence.


Creating own content from scratch and disseminating to existing and potential subscribers. Usually a lot of effort required to research and create an enchanting narrative. Original content definitely helps search ranking increase manifold times.

We revel in sculpting words, designing sentences and moulding paragraphs...Metaphorically speaking, the chariot of intent ridden by the twin horses of thoughtfulness and emotion has taken possession of our writing for many years now. Well, this is precisely how we feel about our zest to write. Our passion to put ink to paper or strokes to a screen has been ruthlessly melodious. The twin beliefs that ''extensive reading moulds constructive thinking'' & ‘’writing is a way of life’’ are inherent intents etched deep within us.

Our adoration to every form of writing comes from a simple belief that formats are just an excuse to try and experience writing in all it’s varied hues and glory. Some appeal to the mind and some to the heart. And, some walk that extra mile appealing to both! We dote writing long-form, motivational (self-help), experiential (food, travel, fashion) and non-fiction. But are equally enthusiastic and experienced writing for business, technology, brands, products & services. Deep learning from our past professional experiences helps us write on almost any subject, domain, industry or vertical. Be it Psychology, Philosophy, Retail, Technology OR Brand Strategy, we are at ease with everyone of them. And…not to forget the kick we get from writing scripts for Radio, TV, Short Viral Videos & Corporate films. Don’t forget our love for writing Poetry! which should be evident if you have skimmed through this website.

A last word -  WRITING, FOR US, IS ABOUT PASSION & MUTUAL FULFILLMENT. And...definitely about QUALITY. Your hesitation to contact us will be an opportunity lost to fulfill our mutual requirements. Which, is definitely not worth the effort!


We reflect and write in the following categories



"Every Brand, Product or Service needs a different narrative and unique tone. To succeed, the narrative should appeal to the consumer in context with the prevailing market conditions"

If we were to ask marketeers what impact communication should have on their respective brands, they would undoubtedly say creating awareness, top-of-mind recall, building trust, generating leads, aiding sales & help increasing revenue . But this would be the most common and cliched answers we could get. As a matter of fact, We've used and lived these jargons through most of our professional experiences. What we realised was that jargons get back more jargons in the boardroom and zero result in the consumer mind-space. Simply because they don't understand your language. What they do understand is a narrative that tells them how the product or service truly benefits them. The path to a convincing narrative is through the process of subtle deconstruction. If we do not deconstruct consumer intents and the consumer mindset then be sure we are nowhere close to either understanding the market scenario or constructing a brand. With these principles as the foundation, we constantly endeavour to weather the multiple storms called brand, market & consumer in our writings.

We are game for all the things listed below and anymore you may want


Every Brand requirement is fulfilled only by sound narrative writing

  • Brand Manual
  • Brand stories or narratives pertaining to Brand {philosophy, inception, positioning, architecture, logo..etc}
  • Brand write-ups - Advertorial, PR, Launch of new products or services, company culture...etc
  • Content Style Guide which includes - Brand Tone of Voice, Positioning keywords, slogans and taglines, presentation & letters


  • Brochure, Catalogue, User Guides...
  • Newsletter, eMailers, Flyers..etc


  • TVC, Radio Jingle, Radio announcements
  • Documentaries, Brand videos, Promos, Social videos
  • Explainer videos, product demos, tutorials
  • Podcasts

"Writing for the web is a lot different from the traditional form of writing. Always remember that for web writing, the first consumers or audience are the search engines! Understanding the intents of the search engines and interpreting them becomes the core foundation to the world of web writing"

Short sentences and use of transition words are probably the most critical elements in web writing. This also means that the reader has less time and hence we cannot afford to forget to keep the most important points and ideas upfront. Additionally, it would be best to use simple and elegant language understandable to laypeople. However, what doesn't really change is the ability to influence humans by seeding relatable words throughout the write-up. These keywords are got by understanding and interpreting the intents of the audience.

There are many types of content required for the web and we can help you with all of them and more...

You can count on us for all your long-form writing requirements.

  • Entire Web Site Content - theme based/non-theme based
  • Web pages & Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • E-Course Content
  • Product/Service descriptions
  • Profile Building
  • eBooks *(digital form of brochures, manuals, user guides...etc)
  • Social Media Content


* We do not take up ghost writing of books


 "The Non-fiction genre also works on the principles of creativity and narrative" Long-form structure, tingling narrative and authentic facts are what primarily drives people to read a piece of non-fiction content.

To get a narrative going, it requires seeking and processing tons of information about intents. Crystallization of  thoughts and ideas happen when the ink touches the paper. More often than not, the written word succeeds in building or creating a winning perception where the spoken word has failed.

We do writing for the below types. But you may ask us for anything beyond these too.

  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Features
  • Series
  • Memoirs & Biographies
  • Speech writing

"When writing in certain categories, a lot of attention goes towards emotions, feelings experienced and a written replication of what human senses feel are expected! It is a humongous task to venture into and satisfy readers on experiential topics"

As a reader when you get to read travel diaries, cookbooks or apparel style-books, your biggest expectation would be to relive the product or situation through the words presented. Every genre has it's own set of diction and composition style. Which when exclusively sprinkled into  silky, velvety flowing sentences spreads a characteristic aroma. The lingering fragrance merges into a ecstatic spectacle of words rising and falling as waves would by the shining sand. And a para with such words partially lights up as a moonlight laden dark sky with tumultuous clouds that sensuously resemble molten chocolate cakes ready to melt into any mouth that seeks its indulgence.  Hope you enjoyed this indulgence!

Experiential writing is all about indulging the human senses

We stick our necks out to write all these and beyond. We're waiting!

  • Travel Writing
  • Food Writing
  • Fashion Writing
  • Sports Writing
  • Motivational Writing


We undertake design work as a special service for social media campaigns and other content work given to us. As a policy we do not undertake design work where content and writing is not a part of our deliverables. The reason being, our belief! -  visual designs flow from the content or writing concept. Design work undertaken by us can be delivered either just as reference design or as a finished product in relevant file formats

Market Research, Website development and other services.....

Just like our design services, we offer these other additional services based on requirement and in conjunction with our deliverable content and writing. As a policy we do not treat these services independently or in isolation.

We also believe and actively engage in...

SEO can be defined as a collection of methods that improve the exposure and visibility of a website and specific webpages. It optimizes content of a site to make it appear in the top unpaid search results based on keywords. We use only White Hat or legal methods in our optimization process. Some key benefits of SEO for your website & content are:

                    • Increases Brand Awareness & Recall
                    • Increases Targeted Traffic
                    • Improves Search Engine Ranking
                    • Helps reduce marketing cost with better ROI