"Writing for the web is a lot different from the traditional form of writing. Always remember that for web writing, the first consumers or audience are the search engines! Understanding the intents of the search engines and interpreting them becomes the core foundation to the world of web writing"

Short sentences and use of transition words are probably the most critical elements in web writing. This also means that the reader has less time and hence we cannot afford to forget to keep the most important points and ideas upfront. Additionally, it would be best to use simple and elegant language understandable to laypeople. However, what doesn't really change is the ability to influence humans by seeding relatable words throughout the write-up. These keywords are got by understanding and interpreting the intents of the audience.

There are many types of content required for the web and we can help you with all of them and more...

You can count on us for all your long-form writing requirements.

  • Entire Web Site Content - theme based/non-theme based
  • Web pages & Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • E-Course Content
  • Product/Service descriptions
  • Profile Building
  • eBooks *(digital form of brochures, manuals, user guides...etc)
  • Social Media Content

* We do not take up ghost writing of books

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