"When writing in certain categories, a lot of attention goes towards emotions, feelings experienced and a written replication of what human senses feel are expected! It is a humongous task to venture into and satisfy readers on experiential topics"

As a reader when you get to read travel diaries, cookbooks or apparel style-books, your biggest expectation would be to relive the product or situation through the words presented. Every genre has it's own set of diction and composition style. Which when exclusively sprinkled into  silky, velvety flowing sentences spreads a characteristic aroma. The lingering fragrance merges into a ecstatic spectacle of words rising and falling as waves would by the shining sand. And a para with such words partially lights up as a moonlight laden dark sky with tumultuous clouds that sensuously resemble molten chocolate cakes ready to melt into any mouth that seeks its indulgence.  Hope you enjoyed this indulgence!

We stick our necks out to write all these and beyond. We're waiting!

  • Travel Writing
  • Food Writing
  • Fashion Writing
  • Sports Writing
  • Motivational Writing
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