Deconstructing our Content Consulting!

The umpteen years of our combined professional experience on content strategy & strategic communication across markets helped us realize the power of harnessing intents. By being sensitive & intuitive to our intents as well as others, we get access to thoughts and process that work within the human brain. Insights culled out from these and scripted into words and sentences form powerful narratives. These narratives have the power to influence humans about a brand, product, service or another human being in ways more than we may expect. Narratives embellished with the right stylistics combined with deep insights from Psycho-Semiotics, are extremely powerful in influencing the thought process and persuading the human mind to think favourably about your product, brand or business.

Key components of the IPSS content framework



Decoding intents helps understand human thought process, behaviour, perceptions and purpose of actions. It helps give a strong character to content.


Unfolds the secrets of how humans understand words and perceive meanings in different contexts. Provides decisiveness and magnetism to content


The right usage of words within apt sentence constructs appeals to human emotions and rational alike. Stylistics adds finesse, oomph! and awe to content

Understanding the components!

In simple words, stylistics deals with study and implementation of style in texts. Stylistics focuses on the figures, and various rhetorical devices used to provide variety and distinctness to an individual's writing. Sometimes it is also referred to as "physiognomy of the mind" as by observing the style of writing, one may deduce the basic personality of the writer based on his/her habitual choices of sounds, words, and syntactic patterns. There are over 10 types of stylistics and over 30 stylistic devices. Fascinating isn't it? Specially when you understand that this can be one of the ingredients used in your content mix.

The interplay between psychology and semiotics (study of symbols) gives us psycho-semiotics. Semiotics is a combination of Semantics (study of conventional meanings) and Pragmatics (Study of meanings with reference to context & situations) In true sense it deals with the practical aspects of human actions & thoughts. Hold back... and think!!! Wouldn't your content be more decisive and focused when this art and science is used along with stylistics? Your audience will just love reading and knowing more and more ... simply because you are talking their language! Think about it...

the 6i's of IPSS content framework




This is what we term as our thirst for quest. Curiosity being a constant and not a variable! Desire to be constantly on lookout for THE NEW.



We disassemble and start things from ground zero. The learning is in breaking things down and the fun is in building it up! Isn't it?



We love to see things beyond the obvious. Understanding contexts, tracing rare insights and dabbling with semiotics processed in the human mind.



It's just not enough to think out-of-the-box! We also think in-the-box and around-the-box. Being distinct is all that matters! A great narrative is the only true differentiator.



People seek experiences from everything they come in contact with. Your content being no exception. And...this is what we work hard to fulfill.



Doing it once is being lucky. Doing it often and improvising from the previous one is the sign of humility & maturity. So we think! And...we are what our thoughts are.

strategy using the IPSS content framework