"Every Brand, Product or Service needs a different narrative and unique tone. To succeed, the narrative should appeal to the consumer in context with the prevailing market conditions"

If we were to ask marketeers what impact communication should have on their respective brands, they would undoubtedly say creating awareness, top-of-mind recall, building trust, generating leads, aiding sales & help increasing revenue . But this would be the most common and cliched answers we could get. As a matter of fact, We've used and lived these jargons through most of our professional experiences. What we realised was that jargons get back more jargons in the boardroom and zero result in the consumer mind-space. Simply because they don't understand your language. What they do understand is a narrative that tells them how the product or service truly benefits them. The path to a convincing narrative is through the process of subtle deconstruction. If we do not deconstruct consumer intents and the consumer mindset then be sure we are nowhere close to either understanding the market scenario or constructing a brand. With these principles as the foundation, we constantly endeavour to weather the multiple storms called brand, market & consumer in our writings.

We are game for all the things listed below and anymore you may want


  • Brand Manual
  • Brand stories or narratives pertaining to Brand {philosophy, inception, positioning, architecture, logo..etc}
  • Brand write-ups - Advertorial, PR, Launch of new products or services, company culture...etc
  • Content Style Guide which includes - Brand Tone of Voice, Positioning keywords, slogans and taglines, presentation & letters


  • Brochure, Catalogue, User Guides...
  • Newsletter, eMailers, Flyers..etc


  • TVC, Radio Jingle, Radio announcements
  • Documentaries, Brand videos, Promos, Social videos
  • Explainer videos, product demos, tutorials
  • Podcasts
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