To create and nurture an ecosystem which focuses and taps into the power of writing. To propagate the power of writing as an enabler of

1. creating great content for business's

2. developing personality of individuals

3. cure to most maladies of mankind


We believe that directed and channelized writing has within it's powers to motivate like a leader, illuminate like a teacher, navigate like a negotiator, captivate like a magician & cure like a healer.


Our Brand symbolizes content developed with the right intent. It also signifies that content when written with intent will invariably achieve its purpose. Our Brand stands for great writing & the intelligence, perseverance, creativity, ethos & values that go into nurturing it. It stands for progress of mankind by honing the power of writing.



Pavanaram Iyengar | Founder & Chief - Content & Strategy


Writer | Writing Strategist | Writing Coach

Author | Poet | Brand Communicator

Content Curator| Semanticist | Semiotician


"Intent to gauge requirements in the most appropriate context and the ability to develop content that accounts for the intents of laypeople and marketeers alike has been the mainstay of my work. And... it will continue to be"

With over 15 years of combined experience in leadership roles with leading AD agencies & reputed product organisations, Mr. Iyengar has been in the forefront of action spearheading brand transformations & marketing communications. He has had the opportunity of working and contributing to popular brands like Unilever, Levis, Allen Solly, 3M, Vodafone, The Accor Hospitality Group, Zuari Cements, A marketing stint with India's pioneer in the Retail space, Pantaloon Retail, made him realise the value of quick thinking in very dynamic communication environments. A stint at a successful start-up company armed him with essential communication tools required for a fast paced survival based scenario. Heading the Brand Management for Soktas, an internationally reputed textile company made him come full circle with strategy, product development along with a great experience of what it takes to launch a new Brand. More importantly, this assignment got him to travel across India to Metros, Cities and even Smaller Towns for gathering Market Intelligence and understanding Cultural dynamics. It is here that his love for understanding and implementing culturally contextual communication started. Pavan feels,  new age content experience in Digital has taught him the importance of adaptability to the ever volatile and fast changing trends of content consumption. To sum up,  whether it be the written or spoken word , people admire and associate only with GREAT CONTENT. Success here is about the expertise to PLAY WITH WORDS in the RIGHT CONTEXT to the RELEVANT AUDIENCE  - All of which are very dynamic hence the need to learn is the only constant.

" Between the art of speaking

And the pleasure of writing,

Is the realm that rules my thinking!

which more oft, sums me up "

Yogitha Varadarajan | Partner & Chief - Operations

Armed with a Post Graduate in Information Technology along with a degree in education, Yogitha has had stints both in the corporate world and academics. She takes care of the immensely demanding operational requirements related to digital marketing and research surveys.

Antony E Henry | Consultant - Writing & Audio-Visual content

Henry is practically philosophical and vice versa. He has spent the last twenty years of his professional life as a writer and filmmaker, trying to make sense of advertising, marketing and film-making. That’s how he wishes to stand out from the pack. The intent to deliver the best is intense. The intent to make a big difference from small and big data is intense. And the intent to make the written word, work, is intense. This he believes is living life, purpose-driven.

Rohan Anthony Solomon | Consultant - Writing

A creative writer by passion and an avid traveller by choice, he brings alive a concoction of spirited ideas inspired from nuances & experiences picked up from people, places and life itself. With an experience of 11+ years and having worked in many renowned companies across Hyderabad, Pune & Bangalore, Rohan has a portfolio that spans over various brands and across sectors. “Life is an idea, and we should celebrate it” is something that he lives by.

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